Digital Ways Of Starting A Word Of Mouth Marketing

The best way to create a buzz about your business and product in the market is through word of mouth marketing. This is one of the best ways known in the business world to spread the news throughout the people, and today with the help of internet it has become more viral and effective.


Now many of you reading this already know how the procedure of word of mouth marketing works, where one person spreads an information about a business or product to a another known person, and how it continues to go forward, but what you are here to know about is how to use this formula in the digital world. Well in today’s time there are several digital platforms for spreading word of mouth marketing also known as WOMM, and few of those top listing digital platforms are listed below.


The title refers to both e-mail marketing and the medium e-mail itself. Many studies have come to show that people are often found to be talking about products and companies throughout e-mail. These sectors of e-mail marketing are normally given names like SWYN (Share With Your Network) tools, send-to-a-friend modulus, social sharing tools, etc. So, to promote your company and product properly you need to keep an everyday interaction with your e-mail, and in this process you will be able to identify your influencers easily.

Social Networking Sites:

One of the best ways for word of mouth marketing is through social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. Here the advertisement happens spontaneously through the help of continuous interaction between people through such sites. And to get into this world of social networking advertisement, firstly you need to create a business page over these sites and then frequently update and follow the feedback on your page to keep connected to your customers.


Now a day’s blogging is considered as the center of social media, and for that it is looked up as the main source for word of mouth marketing. Through this you can easily spread out updates and information’s related to your business in a fraction of minutes. And now it has become easier than ever, thanks to sites like Twitter, where you can easily go up and do micro-blogging. This can prove to be really useful for small business owners, who can hardly manage short time periods for online marketing.

Appreciate Customer Review:

Welcome your clients, fans and even critics to leave their comments and reviews over the social page and your business website. They are going to do this in any way through other platforms, so best is to utilize it for your own benefit. Highlight your positive reviews to other customers, and by knowing your negative sides of the business make sure to take care of them. In this way you will gain more trust amongst your customers.

Social Media:
People are more often seen to be talking about things that come up visually through media websites like YouTube. So, start promoting your business and product by uploading videos on sites like this, which comes completely free of cost. Make sure that the video is relevant to your business, and that the viewers watching this find it interesting.

Hope this list of digital ways comes in use for starting your word of mouth marketing.

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