Getting Familiar With The Term SEO

If your search has brought you to this page, then you are probably looking for answers to the question “what is SEO?” and if that is what you wish to know then let us get started. First of all let us all go through the very common term that what SEO stands for is search engine optimization. Now I know most of you are obviously familiar with its full form, and wish to know what it truly does, and what it does is what its name states. In one sentence it is an engine that optimizes your search, so that you can find the top rated websites related to the topic that you are searching for.


And to be discussed briefly what SEO does is whenever you use any search engine such as Google to search for something in a particular term, you would find a list of websites set in sequences. And those websites that line up in the first page of the search result does not come in randomly. As there are probably thousand of websites which match your search term, it is SEO’s work to make the series according to their ranking. This positional ranking for websites is set through a marketing strategy.

Now famous websites like Facebook, Wikipedia and YouTube do not require any help form SEO as their brand names are already popular enough to get them listed in the first page. But for other websites there is no additional choice but to rely on SEO, to get them to the first or second search result page. Some of you may doubt the necessity of SEO, but do tell me when is the last time you clicked on the 12th or 17th search result page. Users rarely go beyond the first few pages of search result and to be statically accurate 75% of people never even scroll pass the first page.

So if you want your websites SEO ratings to increase you need to follow the techniques given below.

SEO titles, headers and URL addresses

The more it matches the merrier it gets. Basically, whenever you enter a search term known as keyword, the search engine gets into work to find the websites whose title, heading and URL address best match the given keyword. And the more it matches the higher ranking it gets then the other websites. So be extra attentive while choosing the name as they do matter.


In many websites you will see many hyperlinks linking that website to other websites. These links are called back-links. You would find this back-links on websites right below the provided articles for reference websites. This back-links really help to upgrade the ranking of a website.

Writing SEO content

Another work of search engine is to match the keyword with the content of websites. Now, for example, if you enter the key word “football champion”, you are obvious to find thousands of results related to that topic, so the search engine will not only find articles containing the same key word but also rank them according to the keyword density of the article. This keyword density is calculated by dividing the number of keywords in the article by the total words and then multiplying the result by 100.

Use of multimedia

Websites that contain multimedia options like graphics, videos and flash applications are given more priority by search engines, as most viewers prefer them over plain-text websites.

Regular updates

Search engines give more priority of higher ranking to websites which are regularly updated to provide the viewers with new information’s and facts.

Hope this information on SEO was helpful to you.

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