The Importance of Customer Retention for Review Sites

You have a blog or website, but it is not making you as much money that you thought it would? If you are victim of this problem, the first thing you need to do is to see if your website is optimal to generate a good traffic. If you are good with the quality, the reason you are not earning what you should have is because you are not being able to hold your customers. For websites, customer retention is the primary factor that you must ensure if you want to see success.

Statistics say that in Australia, 89% of the online buyers rely on an online review from someone totally unknown to them. This is the impact that a good customer review can make. Thus, it is of utmost importance that your review site is enriched with quality review contents. You wouldn’t want to repel your valuable customers by putting something that bores or scares them off. Try to add pictures to your content so that they don’t get scared by seeing texts only; and also, you should not make them too long to bore your reader. Keep them short, tidy and direct. You don’t necessarily need to have a huge variety of products. It is the quality of product that matters.

Most people think that customer reviews makes them comfortable enough to make the purchase. They say that this is the best way to pick the right product and make sure that one is not overpaying for anything. Reviews that are user generated are what they look for to give themselves the push they require to hit the buy button.

As you satisfy your customers and make them buy products through your site, you are keeping your valuable customers remember you in the future purchase. About 90% of the online customers buy things from personal reviews of people they know. So, when you send a customer happy, it is most likely that that customer is going to share experience with others, resulting in making you reach to even more customers. This works like a chain reaction and in no time, you are going to find that more people are visiting your site than you thought they would.

Debatably, traffic is the prime way to increase the rank of your site. The search engines love to put the websites front that has a good traffic. Keep your customers with you not only with what you are offering, but also how you offer them. It is important that you organize your whole site properly. You wouldn’t want your audience to get puzzled but the complexity of your design and sitemap. As mentioned earlier, keep your website simple and direct, so that you guide your audience directly to what they’re looking for.

When you have a good traffic coming to you, success with your website will be there. Make sure that you do not do anything to repel your audiences away. They are what you have set your whole website for.

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