An Introduction To The Term Word Of Mouth Marketing And How It Operates

In many cases you would come to see companies with massive marketing budget and multi-million dollar  advertising campaigns, fail to create a buzz on product launce and ultimately end up failing, where else some product appear to become hugely successful with hardly any promotional activity. So, the question is how it happens. And the answer to that in one phrase is “Word of Mouth Marketing”. And the full explanation regarding this topic is provided to you throughout the rest of the article.


Introduction to Word of Mouth Marketing

In simple explanation Word of Mouth Marketing is a procedure where satisfied customers share their experience of a product or service to others, starting from friends and family members and expanding towards broader community. It is a great way of advertisement as people tend to take believable source more seriously than a traditional marketing message.

Word of Mouth Marketing operating system

Word of Mouth Marketing or shortly known as WOMM is a process where you can strongly create a buzz and awareness within the community. And in this age of technology, online services like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc has made it easier than ever to reach out towards the targeted audience directly and be able to gather more accurate information, so that the business suppliers can design and update their products more accurately to their customer requirements.

For business owners this represents a massive opportunity, as they are able to connect to a broader community in a much more time saving and cost effective way, which wasn’t possible in the earlier times. As for example, to promote a product through traditional marketing, a company had to provide transportation services so that their recourses can reach out to every corner of their targeted market. Where else with the help of WOMM, now it can be done in real time, costing only a fraction of the amount then before, as they are now directly able to engage towards their targeted audience.

Word of Mouth Marketing concentrates on customer engagement, interaction, satisfaction and communication. And the basic elements that are to be given priority in WOMM are:

  • To target and engage the right audience.
  • Giving them opportunity to experience the products and services.
  • Taking notes of their honest opinion.
  • Influencing them to share their experience through proper channels.

So this is what a Word of Mouth Marketing does in general, spreading buzz of information’s throughout the community. And again with the help of internet and social media it has become more viral. But as it has its benefits sometimes it can also seem to backfire. This normally happens when you make mistakes while targeting the audience or fail to provide them with proper information on your products and services. Being said all that you have to admit that this is a great way for business owners to provide their customers with satisfying products and services, exactly according to what they require, so make sure to utilize it as greatly as possible.

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