Some Monthly SEO Tasks to do for Small Business Owners

Small business SEO is something that we don’t most often get to see. Common reasons being as small business owners can’t pull up a fund to finance SEO firms to help them rank up their websites and they can’t pull it off by themselves as they really lack on ideas about SEO. But in this age of technology it has become vital for business owners of all levels to compete in the market to survive, and in today’s time online marketing means everything. So to help you out with your search engine optimization here are some monthly SEO tasks, by following which your website will reach a noticeable search engine position, so that your clients may easily be able to find your website.


Regular, Unique Content:

As you may have heard it many times before that content is king in online marketing. So, providing contents on weekly or daily bases indicates search engines that you are an active site with regular updates on information’s.

And this is why blogging has become an essential SEO tool. It has given a great way to produce content without constantly changing and adding to the static pages of the site. This also helps to stay updated with your current events, for example if you sell cycles and there is a new cycle in the market then you will need to provide all information’s about that product to your clients. And this engagement of encouraging discussion will act to bring in more traffic to your site.

Tune up the Contents:

Simply follow these elements given below to tune up your content, making your contents more SEO friendly.

  • Anchor Text
  • Image Alt
  • URL’s
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Meta Tiles

Make your page more Accessible and Visually Stimulating:

Now a day’s people are no longer hold upon serving internet through PC’s, they are constantly searching through devices like mobiles, tabs, etc. So, make sure to create a website that is accessible through every device and also keep in mind to make it visually stimulating to its viewers. As humans have a simple nature to be stimulated by visual content rather than pages that are filled with boring texts.

So, if you want your viewers to find your website more interesting add some photos and videos addition to the texts. For example if you are providing text info on a cycle it is also important to give a visual picture or maybe a video of that product, so that your customers can get a complete view of that product. This also increases your chances of having better sell.

Keep a Track of your Progress:

It’s vital for you to measure the progress of your SEO strategies, as it’s important for you to know what kind of tactics are working and which contents are truly attracting traffic to your site. In this way you will be able to focus on your strategies and improve on your weaknesses.

Following this small business SEO tips will surely help your website to achieve better ranking in search engines.

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