Online Customer Reviews- A Brief Overview

How Online Customer Reviews Work?

There are websites on the internet, like the Yelp or TopTenREVIEWs, who would take customer reviews. These websites are built primarily for the purpose to help buyers pick the best from a range of products. They cover a vast range of businesses and their products; and they encourage real customers to visit their site and give reviews on different products. The real customer is used because they use an automated algorithm to trace and remove any email address that is not genuine. This is important to restrict fake reviews. The Yelp also made it compulsory for the users to add an image, in order to be more certain about the true existence of the user.

The customer is asked to rate a business in a scale of stars and the better average stars a business gets, the top of the list it goes.

Benefits Of Online Customer Reviews

  • Free Advertising: Every review you get from your customers is advertising your business. More readers are exposed and reached to by these reviews. Also, good reviews win the trust of a reader and encourage in making the purchase from your business.
  • Better SERP Ranking: The more people talk about you, the more is the chance for your website to rank in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Google, or any other search engine, ranks business on the basis of how many times the name of a particular business is mentioned in a review or post.
  • Peer Recommendation: As expected, more than 90% of the online buyers make their choice on the basis of recommendation from people they know. When you send a happy and satisfied customer, it brings several more for your- this is the way business has always been since human civilization.
  • The Criticisms Make You Better: Good reviews are always good to make your sales better. But reviews that are negative to you are even better. These are what you need to find your lacking and work to overcome the lacking.

Tips on Managing Online Customer Reviews

  • Tracking Reviews: In order to start managing your reviews, you first need to track them. by tracking, what is meant is that you need to know when and where from your reviews are coming. You can get free services that you can use to do this. Many review sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor will send you notification with the details every time you receive a review, but you must an account for that.
  • Create Your Business Page: It help a lot when you have a business page in the same page from where you are getting the reviews from. This makes things way easier to track your reviews and managing gets easier.
  • Get Someone To Handle The Reviews: Handling reviews is like handling mails. Whoever is doing the work for you, make sure that he knows how to handle clients with a positive attitude. Positive reviews should be handled with warm thanks. Things get tricky when it comes to handle the negative ones. The proper way that should be done with a thanks for the concern and then promising the clients that you will be working on your drawbacks.

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