Tips On How To Get An Organic SEO Rating

Throughout this article you will be acknowledged with some organic SEO tips on how to rank up your SEO rating organically. So, let the trip of information’s began.

Tip Number 1:

Firstly to start off with an easy organic SEO tip, make sure that you carry some strong URLs. And to do this you must make sure that your page URL is one of the key terms mentioned on that page. In WordPress this is known as Premalinks.

Tip Number 2:

In interest of organic search results you need to manage a good keyword density. Adjust your content with a balanced amount of keywords ignoring any excess as that may get you blacklisted in Google for keyword stuffing. This ratio of keyword density means 2-4% of key words or key phrases.

Tip Number 3:

To improve your sites SEO rating you can also include Call to Action (CTA). The phrase may sound silly but it can prove to be very effective as your website needs to ask your visitors to do something like; call now, or buy now, or free quotation today, etc. This kind of CTA will bring in clicks, making your website ranking rise.

Tip Number 4:

As social media interaction has become so vital an algorithm process called Hummingbird is introduced, that treats sites on the bases of conversation, so it is very essential to add all those plug-ins that are required. Every search engine now wants to see those social media icons linked out to social sites. So, you must add your Facebook feed on your website, or your instagram photos on your website, or Google+ reviews link. This kind of interaction shows that you care about your network and customers, and that you are actively reaching out to them.

Tip Number 5:

Add alt tags and image names. As you may know that Google cannot read images, but they can read the alt tag text that you place behind them as well as the image name itself (imagename.jpg). As these images also represent as your keyword make sure that the images are named correctly, and that they are given a proper alt tag text. This also includes your logo. It should not be named something like logo.jpg.

Tip Number 6:

Introduce a YouTube video to your site, so that your viewers will spend an extra 30 second to 2 minutes on your page. These videos could come from others YouTube video channels that are relevant to your site content, or you could create your own YouTube channel giving you the privilege of adding backlinks of your own business.

Tip Number 7:

Lastly make sure to include a robots.txt file on your robot directory. This works as a guide, showing direction to the search engines. The robots.txt files function is to tell the search engine crawlers that which directories can or cannot be crawled. And for that you have to make sure that which file is current so that it doesn’t accidently block the Googlebot crawler.

This was all the tips that could be shared on organic SEO for now, for more detail information’s keep on searching.

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